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Mailshot Marketing Service in Jordan



mailshot marketing service in Jordan 2018

Emails that are designed for business use, otherwise known as mailshots or mailshot marketing in Jordan, can have complex applications.


There are many marketing decisions to be made before initiating your mailshot marketing campaign in Jordan:

  • What will this mailshot be publicizing?
  • Should we include lots of information, or just a little to tempt readers to click through and read more on our website?
  • Should we use a mysterious subject line, or a description that explains it all?


Then, we need to consider the design. There are different points of view when it comes to designing mailshots:

  • Some designers recommend a simple, no-additions layout that is a specialized text email.
  • Others will go further with layouts designed to mirror their website counterparts.


After that, there is the event of sending the mailshot out. Building a database of contacts can be a time consuming process, because it relies on contacts agreeing to receive information.


Competing for a customer’s attention among all the other mailshot campaigns they receive puts incredible pressure on marketers to get it right the first time, with minor errors.


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What is Mailshot Marketing?

Mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan are a form of direct marketing communication that targets new and existing customers. Well-designed campaigns can help you understand your customers and develop long-term relationships. They give brands the ability to land new products or services directly to the customer.

A mailshot marketing campaign in Jordan can be extremely effective if carried out with clarity, precise targeting, and a strong central message. However, it has to be orderly and purposeful.

Mailshot marketing, in order to become effective, is applied with three key qualities:


1.      Memorable layout that suits the product or service being marketed.

2.      Phrasing, design, timing and approach of content are tailored for your target reader(s).

3.      Clear instructions on how interested readers can proceed.


Mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan that are carefully prepared and directed with purpose take your business interests into account, as well as the relevant data about your target audience.

These mailshot marketing campaigns are quick to process for readers, standing out among other marketing and customer-engagement tools in its directness, scope and personalized details.


Benefits of Mailshot Marketing Campaigns in Jordan


benefits of mailshot marketing in Jordan 2018

There are many measurable benefits of mailshot marketing over traditional marketing channels.

If you are not incorporating mailshot marketing into your business plan, then you are missing a number of benefits such as:


      1.      Reduced time and effort

With mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan, you will communicate effortlessly with customers that are more feasible within one hour, which is not possible by other means of traditional business campaigns.


      2.      Real-time messages

With the support of mailshot marketing services in Jordan, you can send real-time messages to your customers. You can even send unique real-time messages to customers for their birthdays or even time-sensitive offers.


     3.      Personalized messages

Mailshot marketing allows you to draft and mail personalized messages. You can easily speak to your customers in a very personalized and intimate way that is not possible with other marketing channels.


     4.      Segment User and Customer Database Information

Because you can segment your database of customers or email users, you can send extremely targeted marketing campaigns that will result in increased conversions by sending the most relevant message to customers who are most likely to respond to it.


     5.      Frequent communications

Mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan allow you to stay connected with your customers. You can easily send them offers once a week. If you connect to your customers on a regular basis, it provokes them to know you and your products or services in detail leading to conversions.


     6.      Information spreading

Forwarding an email with appealing information or useful offers is something many users will do. That means your marketing effort has a wider reach and a network with people who, by forwarding the email, are now acting as your brand advocates.


     7.      Reduced cost

An effective mailshot marketing campaign in Jordan only needs a great platform or service and a good marketer who knows how to place the right offers, content, and graphics in front of the right audience at the right time.


     8.     Track sales and user engagement

Through the tracking tools that mailshot marketing offers, you can find out which marketing message worked better to convert. Combine that with a business’s ability to track sales back to a source; you can identify customer engagement and response through an entire cycle with clear metrics.



Planning Your Mailshot Marketing Strategy

     1.      Plan your approach:

Figure out the objectives of your mailshot marketing campaign. Examples include:

  • Sell a product or generate sales leads
  • Launch a new product or service or break into new markets
  • Drive readers to specific landing pages on your website
  • Enhance your service to existing customers by giving them up-to-date information


Identify your target market so that you know what sort of approach is likely to work best:

  • What prior knowledge do they have about your product or service?
  • Why do they need what you are offering?
  • What do they want to hear about your product or service?
  • What are their likely objections?


Choose the right format:

  • Copy for email newsletters needs to be brief and factual. You can use graphics, logos and pictures to make your messages more interesting.
  • Insert embedded links in emails to take readers to a specific landing page on your website, such as a product page.


On to the next step:

      2.      Planning your mailshot

Write yourself a brief:

  • The brief should be detailed and specific – who, what, when, where, why?
  • Consider the needs of different audiences and different market sectors. You should plan to write separate versions of the letter for different groups in your mailing list.


Identify one major benefit and lead with that:

  • Start by backing your most likely winner.
  • Forget trying to be clever. Finding a simple, powerful way to say what your product or service does for people is usually the best approach.
  • If your product is truly unique or exclusive, say so.


Work out how to catch the reader’s attention:

  • Offer a tangible and quickly realized benefit for a reasonable price.
  • Other approaches include highlighting unusual product features, emphasizing low prices, launching special offers and competitions and using compelling headlines.
  • Send a free product sample, if this is relevant and viable.
  • You could include a small gift or a money-off voucher.


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Find something new to say, even if your product or service is well established:

  • Brainstorm ideas. For example, think about new or unexpected uses.
  • Look at your product or service as if you had never seen it before.


Be aware of topical links to outside events and your other marketing activities:

  • For example, exhibitions or an advertising campaign.
  • Plan your copy to exploit seasonal factors and any known buying patterns.


Try out your ideas:

  • Ask other people, especially customers, to read your draft copy and tell you what the words mean to them.
  • Test different versions of your mailing, with different messages, on small samples. Find out what works best before sending to your entire list.
  • Email newsletters are particularly quick and easy to test. You can quickly see how many emails were opened, how many readers clicked through, and so on.


After finishing this phase, move on to the content.


      3.      Making your mailshot convincing

Make your offer sound credible:

  • Be direct, enthusiastic and honest. Do not write anything that is untrue.
  • Explain all the good reasons for buying.
  • Anticipate objections and counter them.
  • Make sure all the data you quote are specific and accurate.


Use language your readers will feel comfortable with:

  • Tailor your wording to your audience – natural and relaxed for consumer mailings, more purposeful for business mailshots.
  • Match your tone to your company’s image and your industry.
  • Avoid technical terms, unless you are writing for a technical audience.


Offer plausible trade-offs:

  • “Buy three, get one free” is attractive. Buyers can see you are trading off price against volume.
  • A trial offer of your product or service is powerful.


Exploit endorsements and recommendations that back up your claims:

  • Testimonials will always boost your success rate.
  • Remarketing of press coverage for more credibility.
  • Quote reputable and credible scientific studies that support your points.


While creating your content, keep in mind the following:

  • You have less than two seconds to convince the reader that your mailshot is worth reading.
  • Use a highly focused, relevant, attention-grabbing headline.
  • In the first paragraph, describe the benefits.
  • The bulk of the letter should explain and amplify your offer.


Want to reach all Jordanian people ?



Best Practices for Mailshot Marketing Campaigns in Jordan

     1.     Be Responsive

Your mailshot marketing campaigns are displayed according to many variants. In order to keep up with the current technological trends, you need to be responsive when creating newsletter designs.

Newsletter design is the most important part of an email marketing campaign in Jordan. Keep in mind that the mobile age has started and designers need to adopt to this age to stay on top.


     2.     Personalize

Mailshot marketing in Jordan is the most trackable marketing method. With this ability to track you can know everything about your subscribers’ interests.

Then, you can in fact send campaigns that will attract their attention at a glance.


     3.      Interactive Content

You can (and should) add gifs and vivid pictures in a newsletter design to increase reader enjoyment levels. In addition, emoji’s are a new way to express many things with a single symbol.

Do not hesitate to use such colorful ingredients in your newsletter designs.


     4.      Offer Un-subscription Options

Some subscribers may want to unsubscribe from your database in time. That is perfectly normal. However, you could take some actions before losing them.

You can offer them to receive fewer emails from you, or information that is more specific based on their interest. If accepted, move them to another list, for example.


    5.      Welcome Email

Welcome emails give you an opportunity to say re-introduce yourself, and set expectations for what kind of email your recipients will be receiving from you, and how often.

Getting started on the right note can make a world of a difference in keeping your subscribers happy.


    6.      Show That You Care

Your email subscribers are getting hundreds of other emails every day. They are constantly being asked to start a free trial, download an e-book or follow someone on Twitter.

There is an overwhelming amount of noise in the inbox. Showing your users that you care goes a long way towards earning their trust.


    7.      Ask For Feedback

As long as you are not pushy, it is okay to ask for feedback.

This is an interesting way to help users get to know the company they are supporting and it could also help users get a better product in the future.


    8.      Make People Happy

Generosity is one of the most overlooked mailshot marketing tactics. It is not that hard to make people happy. How many assets do you have that you could use to make an email recipient’s day a little brighter?

If you are not ready to give something away, simply say something nice, tell an uplifting story or just ask how they are.


    9.      Tap into Social Trends and Current Events

Tapping into current events or seasonal trends is a good way to encourage readers to open and click emails since their value is passing. Keeping up with the local news in mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan is a sure way to capture audience attention.


    10.      Copywriting for Email

There are a few high-level tips that will help you create engaging copy efficiently and consistently:

  • Determine brand voice.
  • Write a conversation, not a brochure.
  • Think about how every piece from your subject line to your CTA fit together.
  • Be consistent. Your brand voice is a lot like your email sender reputation.
  • Edit how the pieces work together and whether the email has become engaging.

After that, draft out your content, and you are good to go!


     11.      Use Buttons

If you want people to click, use buttons. What should my button look like?

  • A 3D effect
  • A contrasting, non-grey color
  • Feedback on hover (e.g., different color)
  • Whitespace around it
  • An arrow pointing to it with instructional copy


Mailshot marketing campaigns in Jordan are a primary component of customer acquisition programs for companies across all industries. Keeping a pulse on the most up-to-date email marketing best practices enables you to:

  • Optimize your email marketing program
  • Realize the highest returns on your email investment


In conclusion, integrating a mailshot marketing campaign in Jordan with your overall marketing efforts should be a core part of your business. For the many benefits stated on this page, and utilizing a full cycle of efforts and methods to establish business success in this highly competitive, digital world.


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