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Send SMS to Jordan Marketing Campaign  bulk sms

Send Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns in Jordan


Personalized communications play a vital role in today’s dynamic environment. A bulk messaging system is an effective and environmentally friendly approach to direct marketing allowing businesses to leverage on timely, personalized communications.


With a strong database of 5.5 million mobile numbers in Jordan, our team stands strong in the area of Short Message Service marketing, providing you with target based, cost effective, and customized solutions for your business.

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SMS Campaigns Data Segmentation


Our database is segmented based on demographics, device type, and more;

  • Targeted SMS in Jordan consisting of 1,000,000 mobile users profiled according to age, gender, location, and income.
  • Location based messages delivered within one day to groups of people in specific locations in Jordan.
  • Profession based messages targeting groups of specialists such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.
  • Industry based messages targeting specific businesses such as contracting, jewelry, trading, banking, car dealers, etc.

For the benefit of our clients, we update our database on a daily basis. So kindly contact us when you wish to send your Short Message Service promotions for final counts and demographics.


Bulk SMS Types

  • Commercial Short Message Service
  • Short Message Service
  • Financial Short Message Service


Supported Bulk SMS Services

  • Arabic and English Languages
  • Long Messaging
  • Personalized or Merged Messaging
  • Normal and Popup (Flash) Messaging
  • GPS Messaging
  • Enhanced Messaging


Want to reach all Jordanian people ?


Bulk SMS Jordan Reach Times

Messages will be delivered to any mobile set within 5 to 10 seconds from the transaction time in the following situations:

  • The mobile handset is turned on and connected to a network in an idle state.
  • The time counted is the time measured once the message has reached the Short Message Service center of the operator.


The Top Features of SMS Jordan Marketing Campaigns

There are many different benefits of bulk SMS marketing in Jordan, and they vary based on the industry you’re in, and how you choose to use it. Here are some of the most common benefits experienced by marketers and business owners who use bulk messaging in Jordan:

  • It’s a mass communication tool. Bulk messaging allows you to be in contact with subscribers at the click of a button.
  • It’s instant. Text messages are sent and received in a matter of seconds. It allows you to control the exact time and date that customers read your promotions.
  • It’s trackable. It allows you to easily measure which messages/promos are working and which ones aren’t. This helps you constantly improve your SMS marketing campaigns and messages on all other promotional outlets.


Send Bulk SMS Campaign to Jordan bulk sms

What SMS Jordan can do for your business

With SMS Jordan, you can deliver timely and personalized messages. Whether you are looking to acquire new customers or engage with existing ones, nothing beats the direct and personal connectivity of SMS. From simple marketing campaigns to personalized customer service notifications or identification authentication, SMS Jordan’s marketing services provide a quick and easy way to add value and deliver a great experience.


  1. Increase traffic to your business.
  2. Increase your sales and customer base.
  3. Reward loyal customers while creating new ones.
  4. Establish a stronger personal connection with your customers.
  5. Customers stay in the loop with your business.
  6. Increase the probability that the advertisement reaches the target market.
  7. Relevant for recipients when on the move and is a great benefit for targeting young consumers.
  8. Target specific customers providing them with relevant information.
  9. Obtain a high response rate among recipients and reduce wastage.
  10. 50% more successful at building brand awareness than TV, and 130% more than radio.
  11. 94% of respondents read the messages, and 23% will forward a marketing message to a friend.
  12. In comparison to other marketing campaigns, the cost of SMS marketing is minuscule.
  13. Universality of smartphones, you can drive engagement with your business online.

Want to reach all Jordanian people ?


SMS Jordan Knows Your Audience

How Jordanian Culture Perceives Bulk Messaging Campaigns

The Jordanian consumer’s attitude towards advertising via mobile devices strongly depends on message characteristics. Advertising value and message content have the largest impact on attitude toward advertising via mobile devices.

Bulk SMS has been the most successful non-voice service for mobile operators in the history of telecommunications and, as such, has been a key revenue generator in Jordan. The key to the success of SMS Jordan has been its simplicity, reach, price, and reliability.

Industry-related reports point to a future in which bulk SMSing volumes and revenue will continue to grow on a global basis for years. Several trends will drive the continued expansion of the service.


A Business Perspective of Bulk SMS Advertising in Jordan

Organizations today operate in an environment that is characterized by constant change and an increase in competition because of globalization.

The biggest change in the market place is that consumers have a greater selection with regards to products and services, and those organizations should become more conscious of their advertising efforts. Organizations now view advertising as an investment and tend to value over-communication with consumers.


Send Bulk SMS to Jordan in Packages on Best SMS Platform in Jordan bulk sms


Mobile Communications

Mobile communications and its most successful application, short message service (SMS) in Jordan, now allows for the direct and two-way communication between an organization and consumers. This has proven to be an effective form of sales promotion as consumers have their cell phones on them at all times.

Advertising and promotion through mobile phones has been proven to be the best way, taking into consideration the revenue, cost, and profit structures in the overall advertising opportunities.


Factors affecting consumers’ attitudes towards Bulk SMS Messaging in Jordan

  • Entertainment: It is essential that the message is concise and funny, and thus immediately captures consumers’ attention.
  • Informativeness: The ability of advertising to inform consumers of product alternatives so that purchases yielding the greatest possible satisfaction can be made.
  • Credibility: The extent to which the consumer perceives claims made about the brand in the advertisement to be truthful and believable.
  • Advertising Value: A subjective evaluation of the relative worth or utility of advertising to consumers.


What is Bulk SMS advertising used for?

In short, bulk SMS advertising is sending promotional campaigns or transactional bulk SMS messages for marketing purposes. These messages are mostly meant to communicate time-sensitive offers, updates, and alerts.

The goal of SMS Jordan is not only to make you sales, it’s also to build your brand and increase customer retention!

  • Time dependent discounts: Creates a huge sense of urgency.
  • Special offers: A great way to package items together to make a great deal for the customer.
  • Occasions: Makes you feel relevant and current to your customers, and harness the hype around special days.
  • Celebrations: Capitalize on revenue when consumers are in spending mood.
  • Exclusivity: Always breeds desire, makes customers feel they are getting special benefits from receiving your texts.
  • Embed Web Links: Used to drive traffic to your website or to a specific page within it.
  • Urgent updates about events or customer orders.
  • Easily communicate any changes, general information, or updates.
  • Real-time appointment reminders.
  • Internal alerts: communicate urgent messages to all your employees at once.
Want to reach all Jordanian people ?


Who can benefit from using SMS Jordan?

Bulk SMS’s can be a great addition to your digital marketing efforts regardless of what business type you have. They serve the unique function of communicating very urgent information in a highly reliable way.

However, there are certain businesses that cannot live without bulk SMS campaigns in their marketing strategy:

  • E-commerce stores: Whether you’re sending a promotional campaign, or order/shipping confirmations, bulk SMS is a great tool for e-commerce stores.
  • Travel companies: bulk SMS is essential to travel companies because customers need real-time information. This includes flight time updates, gate changes, cancellations, weather alerts, and many more.
  • Service businesses that require appointments: Make sure that your clients never miss another appointment by sending them bulk SMS reminders. This will save you tons of time and money wasted on no-shows and late appointments.
  • Large organizations with 100+ employees: Internal communication is important, but it’s hard to communicate with every employee in a large company. For urgent information, email is too slow. Using bulk SMS’s for your internal communication is the best way to ensure that employees get the information you want to send them at the right time.

Bulk Mobile Marketing SMS Campaign Service Platform in Amman, Jordan  bulk sms

Choosing SMS Jordan as Your Service Provider

Cost Vs. Quality

One of the most important aspects of choosing SMS Jordan as your service provider is the cost. By design, bulk SMS technology is a cheap and easy way to send messages, which means bulk-pricing needs to reflect this as well.

Delivery and Bounce Rate

SMS Jordan will provide you with stats on how long the systems take, as well as how many messages are delivered.

Data & Analytics

A necessary feature of any content delivery system is the ability to display in-depth analytics on the service. This feature from SMS Jordan gives you necessary metrics you will want to have in a bulk messaging system.


Because your primary objective is to successfully send your bulk SMS’s, choosing a reliable SMS supplier sits at the top of our list. SMS Jordan is an established company that offers a reliable and secure platform that can guarantee a high level of uptime.


Even if you’re just starting with a few hundred messages a month, our service at SMS Jordan is scalable and can accommodate the future needs of your business.

Multi-Language Bulk SMS

The platform of SMS Jordan supports multi-language SMSs. This will help you break language barriers and send bulk SMS’s to any region across the world in their preferred language.

Want to reach all Jordanian people ?

Best Practices for Successful Bulk Messaging in Jordan

It is very important to know how to do bulk SMS advertising and get the most out of it:

  • Communicate your intentions clearly and right away
  • Don’t spam your customers
  • Avoid mass texts without purpose
  • Include your company name
  • Personalize the message
  • Start with a hook
  • Offer value in your messages
  • Use clear and concise language
  • Dynamic and compelling content
  • Use a shortened URL
  • Include a call to action
  • Include opt-out instructions
  • Make sure offers are relevant
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Be mindful of timing
  • Avoid text speak (abbreviations)

There’s no wrong way to text. But remember that a little bit of propriety goes a long way. Follow these best practices to make the most of your bulk messaging campaign.

Want to reach all Jordanian people ?