We are the main digital and mobile marketing campaign management company gives a scope of bulk SMS, WhatsApp and text message services in Jordan. Contact us now!
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Personalized communications has an important role to play in today’s dynamic environment. SMS marketing is an effective and environmentally friendly approach to direct marketing allowing businesses to leverage on timely, personalized communications.

With a strong database of 5.5 million mobile numbers in Jordan, our team stands strong in the area of SMS marketing, providing you target based, cost effective and customized solutions for your business.


The database is segmented on the basis of demographics, device type and more:

  • Targeted SMS consisting of around 1,000,000 profiled mobile users according to age, gender, location and income.
  • Location Based Messages target people at specific locations in Jordan. This service is provided to both Orange and Umniah subscribers and requires one working day for delivery. In this case messages will be delivered to groups of people in that location without any profiling.
  • Profession Based Messages target groups of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc.
  • Business Based Messages target specific businesses in Jordan such as contracting, jewelry, trading, banking, car dealers, etc.
  • SMS according to Mobile device type (iPhone, smartphones etc).


Types of SMS we offer:

  • Commercial SMS
  • Service SMS
  • Financial SMS


Our supported SMS services include:

  • Arabic and English Languages
  • Long messaging
  • Personalized or merged messaging
  • Normal and Popup (Flash) messaging
  • GPS messaging
  • Enhanced messaging


SMS Reach Times:


SMS messages will be delivered to any mobile set within 5 to 10 seconds from the transaction time in the following situations:

  1. The mobile handset is turned on and connected to a network in an idle state.
  2. The time counted is the time measured once the message has reached the SMSC of the operator.

Please note that databases changes on daily basis. Kindly contact us when you wish to send your SMS promotions for final counts and demographics.